Properly Maintaining Industrial Electrical Components

In order to keep industrial machinery and equipment in good running order it is important that it is properly maintained and cared for.  When large manufacturing equipment is improperly cared for it not only runs inefficiently but also decreases the safety and reliability of the machine. If a breakdown in machinery occurs it is not only time consuming to correct it is also extremely costly.  Below we will look into how to maintain large industrial equipment to ensure it is kept running efficiently.

Keep On Top Of Operator Training

Equipment in industrial manufacturing settings often has more than a single operator.  With this in mind it is crucial that the equipment is correctly operated and therefore each individual using it is trained accordingly.

When machinery is first purchased and brought into a manufacturing setting it should be thoroughly inspected.  Training should take place not only when new equipment is purchased but should be ongoing in nature.  If the number of operators working on the machine regularly turns over it is easy for important steps in the training process to be overlooked.  To avoid skills from becoming outdated and poor overall operations training on large equipment should be ongoing.

Keep On Top Of Lubricants

Machines with many different moving parts need to remain well lubricated.  Scheduled lubrication helps to extend the lifetime of equipment and the moving electrical components within.  Lubrication is important. Be sure that the correct lubrication for the machine is used.  Special oil needs to be used on each specific machine.  Check the requirements set forth by the manufacturer.  Look for signs of excess oil or grease build up on pistons, check for leaks around the seal.  Analyze the oil.  If containments are found it could indicate components are wearing and breaking down.

Check For Wear

Machinery with moving parts is bound to breakdown.  Carefully check for excess wear.  Look for gears and belts that are out of alignment from machine vibrations.  With extended use, friction, poor lubrication and worn parts comes higher than normal machine temperatures shorting the life span of the machine.  If you become of an unusual amount of wear or a pattern in wear occurring it may be time to look into issue deeper.  It is important that any wear and tear on the moving components within the machine is taken care of immediately.

Keep The Environment and Machinery Clean

A clean environment promotes equipment cleanliness which has a large impact overall on equipment longevity.  As part of equipment maintenance schedules be sure to include thorough cleaning to the work environment and machines.  Fewer contaminations in the space mean less likelihood for them to cause issues with machinery.

A routine maintenance schedule, performed on a regular schedule will increase the longevity of equipment, cut costs as well as increasing productivity & safety.

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