Key Elements To Look For When Buying Refurbished Equipment and Components

When it comes to buying equipment to use in manufacturing there are many advantages that come from purchasing used or refurbished pieces.  It is cost effective for companies, both big and small, to buy quality used and refurbished industrial assets for their facilities.  It is also beneficial for a company’s budget to repair large, heavy industrial equipment with less expensive refurbished components verse OEM parts.  Before jumping into purchasing refurbished equipment and components it’s important to take into consideration a variety of factors.

It is always important to choose the right equipment for your facility.  Without the proper equipment your facility won’t run effectively.  Key elements you should look at before purchasing new or refurbished industrial equipment includes:

Is the equipment refurbished or used?

If it is used you will want to ask specific questions that have to do with the number of hours the equipment has been used as well the usage history.  Most equipment has a specific lifespan; certain repairs are known to be expected at certain points throughout its lifecycle.

If it is refurbished you will want to determine the process the company used to refurbish the equipment.  It is important to choose a company that offers quality refurbishing.  Refurbishing is not about cosmetics; it is about bringing a piece of equipment back to life.

What is the manufacturer’s reputation?

The manufacturer’s history and reputation play a role when choosing industrial equipment.  It is important that the equipment is coming from a reputable manufacturer.  Always choose quality and reputation over cost.  It is worth paying a bit more to buy a product from a reputable manufacturer.  Buying a used or refurbished component from a quality manufacturer is better than buying a new off brand with a sketchy reputation.

What maintenance records are available?

All equipment runs better and lasts longer with proper maintenance.  Before buying used equipment as to see the available maintenance records.  Think about it like a car, regular tune ups and oil changes allow the car to run more efficiently and longer.  Well maintained industrial and manufacturing equipment will last longer than one that has not.

Is there physical wear and tear?

Be sure to do a visual inspection on used and refurbished equipment before finalizing the purchase of any large scaled equipment for your facility.  Normal wear and tear is to be excepted even if the equipment has been refurbished.  Visible cracks, corrosion, wear and fatigue on components, especially mechanical ones, indicate issues with the machinery.  These should be big red flags to look for a different piece of equipment to purchase that will better meet your facilities need.

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