Debunking Myths Surrounding The Refurbished Electrical Component Industry

There are several myths that surround the refurbished electrical component industry. Opinions differ on when to use them and how to ensure they are consistent and dependable.  In truth refurbished electrical components are as safe and reliable as original electrical manufactured parts.  Some within the industry even believe that refurbished parts may be of higher quality than their OEM counterparts due to the intense testing and rigorous tests they must go through before they can be sold.

Most sellers of refurbished electrical parts follow a detailed plan when preparing them.  It begins with the component being thoroughly taken apart, cleaned and inspected.  After this process is complete each part is painted with paint chosen based on its durability.  The process is complete when the part is assembled and thoroughly tested.

Manufacturer’s purchase and use reconditioned electrical products for a variety of reasons.  In order for manufacturer’s to purchase reconditioned products they must trust in the products ability to perform when necessary.  As do OEM parts, refurbished parts help to keep the number of unintentional outages while working to keep workers productive and safe.  The one main difference is the difference in cost between the two.  Whenever older, worn components are being replaced the equipment will be more dependable and consistent.

There is a myth in that there is a risk involved in trying to save a few bucks with refurbished parts. Although many times the old adage that there is no reward without risk is not true when it comes to purchasing and using refurbished electrical components.  More often than not high quality refurbished electrical parts will outlast their OEM counterparts at a fraction of the expense.

It is important to purchase refurbished parts for a company with a substantial reputation within the industry.  A proven track record of providing quality new and refurbished components is a must.  Not all company’s and suppliers are the same.    Choose a company that involved in several different variations of the electrical component industry including asset recovery, equipment and product reconditioning as well new part sales.

In order to be certain the company you are buying from is offering you what you need be sure to ask about their refurbishing policy.  Only components that are quality refurbished components that have been cleaned, analyzed, reassembled, tested and passed rigorous inspections should be available for sale.  Pricing varies between companies that offer refurbished components for sale.  Some companies will even loan you a replacement part while they get to work refurbishing yours. This allows your company to keep production running without a hiccup while refurbishing your part.  It’s a win-win for both parties.

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