Choosing To Use Refurbished Electrical Components

There is a myth circulating around about using reconditioned breakers.  Let’s put it to rest right here and right now.  You are not risking anything to save a few bucks when you are purchasing reconditioned electrical breakers – especially when you find a reputable company to purchase from.

Many manufacturing companies choose to use reconditioned electrical components.  Not only do they cost less over OEM parts, they are also readily available.  For older equipment finding replacement parts may not always be so simple.  Product reconditioning is one way in which manufacturers eliminate unplanned downtime.  Replacing worn or damaged components with newly refurbished components increase safety while decreasing unexpected machine breakdowns.

The process of reconditioning electrical components can vary from company to company.  The basic process of reconditioning electrical components is to bring the component back to its original state.  With quality refurbishment the product is completely disassembled, the components are cleaned, analyzed, reassembled and then a final inspection along with testing is done to ensure the component meets the manufacturers standards.

Depending on the company many times electrical component companies may be willing to lend you a component to use while they refurbish yours.  Refurbishing electrical components can take between three days to three weeks depending on the component and company providing the reconditioning.

Reconditioning isn’t only about cleaning the components but more about upgrading components to include the latest technology available.  Installing upgrades to the system communication center can allow facilities to gather trends and usage information on the system.  Another reason communication center upgrades are important when refurbishing electrical components is the ability to ensure that equipment is running properly and that power usage is similar between machinery.

Refurbishing is economical for numerous reasons.  It isn’t always affordable for manufacturers to completely replace equipment.  Maintaining machinery through refurbishing components allows companies an economical approach at replacing parts and equipment experiencing normal wear and tear through use.

When equipment breaks down because of faulty components it can often cost companies a great deal of money.  Not only do emergency repair services need to be performed, replacement parts need to be found and equipment downtime needs to be accounted for.  Simple updates through refurbishment allow components to be replaced and equipment to be maintained to increase longevity.

Seek out a company that follows stringent electrical component refurbishing guidelines.  Refurbishing requires a lot more than a new coat of paint, cleaning and lubrication.

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