Benefits of Refurbished Equipment and Components

There is an entire industry built around refurbished and reconditioned manufacturing equipment and parts.  This industry is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons.  In this installment we will look into why the refurbished part industry is preferred to OEM parts.

The most notable difference between new and refurbished components is the cost.  There is no denying that OEM parts are significantly more expensive than their identical refurbished counterpart.  It will always save your company money to purchase a refurbished component over an original.  The amount you save will depend on a number of things one being the electrical component company that you make purchases from.  At a minimum expect to pay at least twenty percent less but expect the savings to be upwards of forty percent over OEM parts.

Another reason that people choose refurbished over new is that it often allows them to buy a higher quality component or piece of equipment then they could afford if they needed to buy it new.  Consider the last time you looked at cars.  Twelve thousand dollars buys an economy car brand new while that same twelve thousand dollars buys a used luxury coupe.  You can get a higher end part or piece of equipment for the same price as a lower quality new product.

When purchasing refurbished components you are more likely than not to find what you need even after your equipment is considered obsolete.  This is incredibly important in the manufacturing sector.  When you buy refurbished you are hedging against obsolescence.  When looking at refurbished equipment you can upgrade more frequently because of the lower expense which allows you to stay up to date on advancements in technology without breaking the bank.

Software licensing is another area where savings and upgrades are maximized.  For instance, you may be currently using a server that is running older version software.  Upgrading the software can cost upwards of three hundred dollars which is often the cost of a refurbished server with the newer operating system installed.  Not only do you get an upgrade in software but an all around upgrade in equipment.

Some industries require that equipment thorough maintains the same specifications and remains compatible to the systems used throughout.    If one of the devices fails or a new employee is hired it may be near impossible to find equipment that meets with the standards already in place.  Buying from a supplier of refurbished equipment allows you to find exact matches most of the time and will probably be less expensive then the purchase of the original equipment.

For more information or to find a company that specializes in refurbished equipment, parts and electrical components look online today.

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